Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Todays shopping trip to Rite Aid

For The Mommas

Ok so I had a little trouble this morning at Rite Aid. Neither the cashier nor the store manager knew the stores coupon policy. I totally told her to call to find out because I knew I could use all the coupons I had. Anyway after everything was figured out Total cost $63.00, total paid $11.59, Plus got 9 Monopoly game pieces!

Used $5 off $20 purchase from Rite Aid Video Values
4 Packs of Stayfree B1G1/ used B1G1 coupon so all 4 were free.
4 Nivea lipcare B1G1/ used B1G1 coupon so all 4 were free.
4 Got 2 BE Hair products B1G1/ Used Rite Aid Video Values $3 off 2x's got 4 pd $6.49
1 Listerine 4.49 Sale $3.50/ used .50 coupon plus get $3 RR so Free
1 Lysol Bathroom Cleaner 4.49/ used .50 coupon.

Not bad, but next time I will be sure to take the stores coupon policy to avoid this. I run into it alot. I think people can't believe we are able to do this. Anyway what a morning, not bad huh?

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